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Mr. Harris provides campus-planning consultation to colleges, universities and institutions. His innovative process improves campus environments using on-site sketches and objective listening to generate conceptual designs.

This strategic approach is quick, focused and design-based compared to traditional master planning. The results reflect values and potentials unique to your campus. And, the costs are reasonable compared to large-scale, cumbersome and expensive "master plans".

Campus Master Planning
Designs and plans for entire campuses as well as smaller sectors
Campus Audit
Evaluates your campus' architecture, landscape and the spaces between
Conceptual Design
Prepares conceptual design of campus, campus precincts and buildings
Campus Master Plan Review
Evaluates the efficacy of your campus master plan
Provides a review, critique and recommendations of the plan

Design Process
Selects architects and other professionals
Selects sites
Creates guiding principles and designs guidelines for campuses
Establishes specific goals for architecture, landscape and the natural environment
Reviews project designs

Wake Forest University
Penland School of Crafts
North Carolina State University
Arthur Morgan School
Guilford College

Edwin F. Harris, Jr., FAIA
222 Hawthorne Road
Raleigh, NC 27605-1635

919.828.4734   (phone)
   (email address)

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